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Above image from portrait of Oliver Wolcott
(Connecticut Governor from 1796-1797)

This and other portraits hanging at the
Museum of Connecticut History in Hartford, CT

Governors of Connecticut

The State of Connecticut is rich in political history and has many close ties with the establishment of the United States of America. Prior to becoming the 5th state in the Union, Governors led the growth of the Connecticut Colony for 137. Many of the names of these Colonial leaders have been preserved in the names of the cities, towns, and other well-known locations throught the State of Connecticut.

Following is a chronological list of the Governors of Connecticut.

FROMTONAME [Affiliation]
16391640John Haynes
16401641Edward Hopkins
16411642John Haynes
16421643George Wyllys
16431644John Haynes
16441645Edward Hopkins
16451646John Haynes
16461647Edward Hopkins
16471648John Haynes
16481649Edward Hopkins
16491650John Haynes
16501651Edward Hopkins
16511652John Haynes
16521653Edward Hopkins
16531654John Haynes
16541655Edward Hopkins
16551656Thomas Welles
16561657John Webster
16571658John Winthrop, Jr.
16581659Thomas Welles
16591662John Winthrop, Jr.
16621676John Winthrop, Jr.
16761683William Leete
16831687Robert Treat
16871689Sir Edmond Andros
16891698Robert Treat
16981707Fitz-John Winthrop
17071724Gurdon Saltonstall
17241741Joseph Talcott
17411750Jonathan Law
17501754Roger Wolcott
17541766Thomas Fitch
17661769William Pitkin
17691776Jonathan Trumbull
17761784Jonathan Trumbull
17841786Matthew Griswold
17861796Samuel Huntington [Federalist]
17961797Oliver Wolcott [Federalist]
17971809Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. [Federalist]
18091811John Treadwell [Federalist]
18111812Roger Griswold [Federalist]
18121817John Cotton Smith [Federalist]
18171827Oliver Wolcott, Jr. [Toleration Party]
18271831Gideon Tomlinson [R/D]
18311833John S. Peters [National Republican]
18331834Henry W. Edwards [D]
18341835Samuel A. Foot [Whig]
18351838Henry W. Edwards [D]
18381842William W. Ellsworth [Whig]
18421844Chauncey Fitch Cleveland [D]
18441846Roger Sherman Baldwin [Whig]
18461847Isaac Toucey [D]
18471849Clark Bissell [Whig]
18491850Joseph Trumbull [Whig]
18501853Thomas Hart Seymour [D]
18531854Charles H. Pond [D]
18541855Henry Dutton [Whig]
18551857William T. Minor [American Republican]
18571858Alexander H. Holley [R]
18581866William A. Buckingham [R]
18661867Joseph R. Hawley [R]
18671869James E. English [D]
18691870Marshall Jewell [R]
18701871James E. English [D]
18711873Marshall Jewell [R]
18731877Charles R. Ingersoll [D]
18771879Richard D. Hubbard [D]
18791881Charles B. Andrews [R]
18811883Hobart B. Bigelow [R]
18831885Thomas M. Waller [D]
18851887Henry B. Harrison [R]
18871889Phineas C. Lounsbury [R]
18891893Morgan G. Bulkeley [R]
18931895Luzon B. Morris [D]
18951897O. Vincent Coffin [R]
18971899Lorrin A. Cooke [R]
18991901George E. Lounsbury [R]
19011903George P. McLean [R]
19031905Abiram Chamberlain [R]
19051907Henry Roberts [R]
19071909Rollin S. Woodruff [R]
19091909George L. Lilley [R]
19091911Frank B. Weeks [R]
19111915Simeon E. Baldwin [D]
19151921Marcus H. Holcomb [R]
19211923Everett J. Lake [R]
19231925Charles A. Templeton [R]
19251925Hiram Bingham [R]
19251931John H. Trumbull [R]
19311939Wilbur L. Cross [D]
19391941Raymond E. Baldwin [R]
19411943Robert A. Hurley [D]
19431946Raymond E. Baldwin [R]
19461947Wilbert Snow [D]
19471948James L. McConaughy [R]
19481949James C. Shannon [R]
19491951Chester Bowles [D]
19511955John Davis Lodge [R]
19551961Abraham A. Ribicoff [D]
19611971John N. Dempsey [D]
19711975Thomas J. Meskill [R]
19751980Ella T. Grasso [D]
19801991William A. O'Neill [D]
19911995Lowell P. Weicker Jr. [A Connecticut Party]
19952004John G. Rowland [R]
2004.M. Jodi Rell [R]

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